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Corporate law

Corporate law

The firm provides on-going comprehensive legal services to Polish and foreign-owned companies.
Our corporate practice is a one in our Firm, and we draw on a wealth of experience.

We assist with incorporation of companies, branches, representative offices, foundations and associations, both domestically and abroad. Our lawyers also advise on mergers, spin-offs and transformation of companies, as well as on rendering complex activities of business subjects.

Due to our cooperation with lawyers specializing in taxes, we develop solutions for business ventures on a domestic or international scale to optimize tax aspects.

Capital market law

Capital market law

The Firm provides services in the area of securities law and public trading in securities, in particular:, representing companies before institutions supervising capital trading, launching new issue shares in public trading.

The Firm’s lawyers have participated in incorporating investment funds and have been involved in numerous corporate transactions, mergers and takeovers.

The Firm prides itself on its extensive experience in advising companies engaging in private equity type investments, including venture capital, but also in rendering current services for capital market, including various investment funds.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

The Firm advises and represents clients in transactions relating to shares, sale of enterprises, mergers, spin-offs and transformations.
We advise on selection of best strategy to achieve the foregoing in a time and cost efficient fashion.

When providing legal assistance, we prepare investment agreements, shareholder agreements, letters of intent, preliminary agreements, agreements that place obligations on the parties and dispositive agreements, as well as other documents relating to the sale or lease of enterprises run by individuals or corporate entities. We have also advised on transactions consisting in selling or purchasing organized parts of enterprises.

We have performed legal due diligence of companies and other entities and prepared due diligence reports.
When putting in place trans-border projects, we have arranged support of offices of well known, quality law firms.

Trade contract law

Trade contract law

The Firm has extensive experience in developing trade contracts in domestic and international transactions.

We have negotiated agreements relating to specific areas of operations on behalf of our clients. We provide advice on selecting optimal contract solutions to best secure clients interests.

When preparing draft agreements and participating in negotiations, our primary focus is on finding ways to achieve clients business objectives and ensure due care and security for their interests.
Through cooperation with trusted tax advisors, the Firm takes into consideration the tax risks relating to proposed contractual solutions.

Real estate market

Real estate market

The Firm provides legal services relating to the purchase, sale and development of real estate.

We advise clients at all transaction stages, from due diligence research and risks relating to real estate purchase through to negotiations for and preparation of agreements and assistance in dealings with the relevant authorities.
We represent clients at all stages of investment projects, from determination of the legal title to land, through analysis of development zoning plans, organizing financing and securing credits, through to obtaining administrative permits relating to the transaction and permits required for implementing investment plans.
We have participated in negotiating and concluding agreements relating to real estate owned by private individuals, legal persons or entities in the public sector.

We have advised clients in connection with:

  • obtaining decisions on conditions of development, building and occupancy permits;
  • purchasing land real estate, buildings and premises, particularly commercial premises, including as part of transactions consisting in the purchase of shares in companies;
  • preparing agreements with general contractors, developers and other participants in the construction process;
  • preparing and negotiating real estate lease and tenancy agreements;
  • preparing and negotiating credit agreements and instruments to secure credit repayment;
  • representing clients in real estate disputes in court and arbitration proceedings.
Public procurement law

Public procurement law

The Firm employs lawyers specializing in the area of public procurement who provide advice on tender procedures, to both contracting parties and bidders.
Our lawyers prepare expert legal opinions on the application of public procurement law.

Services provided by the Firm in the area of public procurement include:

  • legal assistance with preparing tender documentation;
  • legal assistance with preparing proceedings to award a public contract;
  • legal analysis of the correctness of proceedings to award a public contract;
  • legal assistance with preparing an offer under proceedings to award a public contract;
  • issuing opinions on justifiability and preparing protests, appeals and complaints;
  • representation in proceedings before the Panel of Arbitrators and common courts.
Bankruptcy and restructuring law

Bankruptcy and restructuring law

The Firm provides advice on restructuring, bankruptcy, composition proceedings and company liquidation.

The Firm provides services to proprietors and company management boards in difficult financial circumstances, and to receivers, trustees and creditors.
The practice within the Firm dealing with bankruptcy and restructuring law includes advice on seeking satisfaction for amounts due under bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, as well as representation of creditors in proceedings.

The firm provides legal services to corporate clients declared bankrupt with the possibility of settlement.
The Firm prepares restructuring proposals and handles composition and restructuring procedures.

Labor law

Labor law

The Firm’s practice dealing with labor law includes preparation of draft management contracts and employment contracts with board members, preparation of draft Labor Rules, Rules of Remuneration, Rules of Company Social Benefit Fund, Health and Safety Rules, Rules on Awarding Bonuses, Rules on Jubilee Awards.

We advise on issues relating to collective bargaining agreements and other collective agreements between employers and trade unions.
We participate in the processes of restructuring employment and assessment of compliance with provisions of law on the protection of employee rights.

With respect to individual labor relationships, we have assisted in the preparation of employee documents relating to the regular course of employment, including termination of employment contracts.

We represent clients in employee cases before labor courts at all levels.
The Firm assists foreign personnel with residence and work issues.

Litigation and arbitration

Litigation and arbitration

The Firm represents clients in disputes before common and arbitration courts, as well as before administrative ones.

We also conduct negotiations on behalf of clients (mediation) aimed at achieving the desired result without court action.

The Firm’s lawyers have experience in negotiations, arbitration and representation of clients before courts. Our lawyers and lawyers we cooperate with passed their bench exam as judges, working for some time as assistant judges in common courts.
We also give support for the clients involved in bankruptcy proceedings.